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Jean Carmichael

Immediate Past President

Dale Packer

Vice President/

Larry Garvin

Vice President/

John Green

Vice President/

Jim Weaton


Margaret Fogarty


Bob Hastedt

Assistant Treasurer

Cindy Koenig

Assistant Treasurer/WBF

Kurt Kaboth


Dave Patterson

Committee and Task Force Chairs:

National Service Project Committee:
Lou Falk

YMCA Alumni Travel Club Committee:
Bill Hooson

World Brotherhood Fund
Program Committee:
Dale Packer

International Service Corps:
Wayne Uhrig

F. William Stahl Award:
John Coduri

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World YMCA Emergency Assistance Fund

The World YMCA Emergency Assistance Fund for staff and retirees was founded as “Secours Speciaux” in 1950 to help staff with little or no means to meet personal and family needs. It continues to help people facing medical crisis, natural disasters, inadequate or no pension or problems created by political turmoil and human rights violations. Click the button below to visit the World YMCA Emergency Assistance Fund website where you may donate securely and/or request a grant application. 

More Information

World Brotherhood Fund

Learn more about how YMCA Alumni is the administrator for this important fund to help the World YMCA assist local YMCAs with financial support during times of crisis and to provide aid to YMCA staff members with little or no retirement support.

F. William Stahl Award

The F. William Stahl Award – our most prestigious honor -- is presented in Bill's memory by YMCA Alumni. The award is given in recognition of Bill's dedication and commitment to the YMCA, the YMCA profession, and the art of written communications. 

(Photo: 2019 recipient Len Wilson, presented by committee member Nancy Reece at Reunion ’19 in Louisville).

Past Recipients

Our Partners

YMCA Retirement Fund

The mission of the YMCA Retirement Fund is to empower YMCA employees to achieve economic security, enabling them to focus on strengthening communities through their work for the YMCA.

The YMCA Retirement Fund was created more than a decade before Social Security, at a time when private pensions were rare.

More than 16,000 people are receiving a lifetime annuity from the Fund.

Scott Dolfi (photo left) is President and CEO of The YMCA Alumni Retirement Fund. The Fund’s staff liaison to YMCA Alumni is James Kirschner, Chief Strategy Officer.

Visit YRF Website

National YMCA Hall of Fame

Housed on the Springfield College campus in the Harold C. Smith Learning Commons.

A legacy of leadership

The National YMCA Hall of Fame provides a forum to recognize YMCA professionals and volunteers who exemplify a lifetime of commitment to the mission and cause of the YMCA. It honors individuals who have devoted their lives to strengthening community through their devotion and dedication of serving people and making a positive impact on individuals and to the movement.

We are extremely proud of the 12 active members of YMCA Alumni currently enshrined in the National YMCA Hall of Fame: Rizak Abushar,  Bill Cameron, Jean Ann Durades, Bea Halk, Bob Hoffman, Pres Johnson, Bonnie Mairs, Harold Mezile, Peter Post, Jerry Prado-Shaw and Len Wilson.

Visit HOF website

Y's Mens Clubs International

"to acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right..."

Y's Men International is oriented to serving the worldwide YMCA and the communities in which it is present throughout the world. Its mission is to strive through active service to develop, encourage and provide leadership to build a better world for all humankind.

Visit Y's Men website

We Remember...

October 2021

Stanley Anderson, Cass Lake, MN
Warren Arnold, Crest Hill, IL
Francis Beck, Line Lexington, PA
Donald Boohe, Auburn, WA
Jesse Caudillo, Las Vegas, NV
Robert Durant, Worcester, MA
Patricia Gillum, Anderson, IN
Charles Good, Barto, PA
Robert Grapes, La Crosse, WI
Dorothy Greene, Dayton, OH
Smit Hart, Des Plaines, IL
Harry Johnson, Brooksville, FL
Walter Jonas, Chicago, IL
Floanne Kersh, Hattiesburg, MS
Dallas Kimbrough, Saint Augustine, FL
Charles Law, Niles, MI
Virginia Mullis, Cincinnati, OH
Joanne Nelson, Monroe, WA
Nancy Norby, Oconomowoc, WI
Bryan Saiz, New London, CT
Lee Sanderson, El Dorado, KS
Philip Sprinkle, North Manchester, IN
Sheldon Stovall, Porter, TX
Donald Tallman, Albuquerque, NM
Susan Wood, Rio Rancho, NM
Evelyn Zachowski, West Salem, OH   
* Names and last place of residence provided to YMCA Alumni
by the YMCA Retirement Fund.

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YMCA Alumni appreciates your extra special support. It takes far more than membership dues to provide necessary communication and support to chapters and members. That is why it is so important for members to support our annual campaign. 2020 was a difficult year for all of us. Thank you all.

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